Handling Instructions

I am watching the stars

atop a mountain, clear and cold.

It feels free and clean

know I’ve felt love:

earth shattering, mind bending,

heart collapsing, silly giddy,

deep dish, rocket fueled hikes,

laughing from the toes,

a charm that will pull you down the well,

pictures of an ankle, the crest of a hip,

two hours passing in 20 minutes,

sweating with love, sweating with pain,

all our energy becoming a red heart

that explodes throughout the Universe,

divine, delish craving for oneness,

gentle words that woo me back,

always the honorable, always the wise,

a love that kills and resurrects

so I feel a beauty I never knew–

wrinkles and all–

an understanding patience

wraps around me like pure light,

here for me in every way,

heart beating, hard to eat,

riding on poetry and song

until the death blow of honor.

It is not possible for love’s exploding sword

to send roots and live forever.

That is not its purpose.

It’s purpose is to crack us open wide,

to let our love pour out so that fields are fertile.

You gave me what you could, all I needed.

For that I will dance and garland your photo.

If someone didn’t die, it wasn’t love.


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