To be one with someone—

What does that mean?

I feel his joy,

know when he’s in pain,

blissful and complete if it looks like

he’ll be mine–

desperate if not.

I want him to miss me,

his heart pining for me,

to decide that eternal love

can outweigh a joyless sham.

To caress my cheek,

wash me in his radiance,

work his frenzied love,

poured out across my altar.

And if he’s not for me

to turn around

my ocean liner of death,

let breath begin my hobble.

It’s You, delicious Divine–

You that brought him,

You I want to feel,

Your soothing effervescence,

in, under, around and through me.

My heart in Your light,

body in your sparkle,

sliced, torn and reassembled,

You flowing gently through me,

all I am made of,

all I could ever be about.

I need more.  I need help.  I need love.

A lioness on the hunt,

I sink my teeth, devour Your kindness,

draw deeply of only, ever You.

Is that ok?  Do You mind?

Or is it attachment to crave the Divine,

and, if so, where can I go


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