Gratitude for Breakfast

I need gratitude for breakfast,

grateful my dreams are coming true.

I need it all day long.

Before I fall asleep,

that my dreams have made it here,

no matter what things look  like.

It comes into my body,

bathes my cells in milky light,

soothes and cleans them,

cheers them up,

fluffs their pillows,  strokes their little heads,

spreads a steaming family dinner,

burns a candle in the window,

joyfully watching for love’s return,

wraps me safe and warm.

Rarely can our eyes see the truth of things.

Yet gratitude is all I need to feed my faith,

grow it into a fine young thing

that can climb a mountain,

embrace her cliffs,

laughter from her belly

echoing across ridges of eternity.

Gratitude, you are the nectar

that fuels the bees.

You hold nothing back.

I love you.

Gwendalyn Gilliam, Incline Village, NV February 12, 2011


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