Strong Grip

Once again your big kind hand

has reached out to save me,

hoisted me above snowy ridges,

up from a self-made jail;

a self pity so deep

it looked like the only way.

Delicately you showed me

how ungrateful was that slimey place

that ignored gifts piling up everywhere:

for life, for now, for connection,

the ability to change anything about me,

for the sun, this bright snow forest,

the mistakes I’ll never repeat,

the power of the Universe in  my darling, cuddly God.

Please forgive me.  I never knew how rude

my whole life had been.

Thank you, ever faithful, beautiful enticement to joy.

You came here to fill my heart,

to press your lips to it

so their memory will always keep it warm.

Gwendalyn Gilliam, Incline Village, February 28, 2011


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