One Laurel

With this glorious matrix

of all things in love with each other,

everything equaling God

giving Itself a long and tender kiss;

I am entranced.

With all the slaughter, the pain,

misunderstanding, cruelty, poisoning and war,

when the Earth burps and washes us away,

It is still birthing children, growing trees,

sending flowers, food and sunlight

so that everything, eternal and never dying,

can come to a place of loving itself,

of knowing itself as woven into the All.

The delicious sliding of weather past technology

with human emotions stirred in,

the bright wonder of coincidence and miracle,

voices of unseen kindness leading us along,

the melting of this dark age

into the most brilliant of possibilities.

Here we stand on this tormented planet

about to roll it over into a heaven,

each of our light adding to the torch,

fueling the wave that will carry us into magnificence.

All in love, all in harmony,

all of us one laurel of wildflowers

braided together,

exploding with the joy of our connectedness.

Gwendalyn Gilliam, Incline Village, March 16, 2011


Puddle of Contentment

My head is full of happy bees.

You fill me with laughing bubbles

that are rising to a rolling boil of delight.

Every organ sings her part

in my morning symphony.

How is all this possible?

Because I stopped it.

Stopped writing acid burp, smelly fart

self pity letters to God–

“No.  This is not enough.

I’m not ok and it’s your fault”–

the rudest ingratitude.

Today the birds

fly my feet up the mountain.

My heart lifts

as I look to the sky:

an open meadow

for love to pour through,

the sparkling of diamond dew

on new leaves…..

These things melt me,

call me to You,

where I lie,

a puddle of contentment

at your feet.

Gwendalyn Gilliam, Incline Village, March 11, 2011

Isa Poem

I have stepped into a holy universe

that makes my body hum

as every cell is bathed in love.

My mitochondria sing

as they melt the honey goodness into me.

What before would tax my teetering heart

can no longer touch it–

in one day, working full out

became easy as dreamless sleep.

This miracle is here to feed me

so I can nourish my team

to serve a hungry world

with no idea of its treasure

hidden beneath diamond sands

on every secret, whitened beach.

Gwendalyn Gilliam, Incline Village, March 6, 2011


A great gift came to me

wrapped in loss, in grief, in uncertainty.

It was pure and bright;

breathtaking, heroic and true,

yet when all day long

I dared take a peek

I saw the wrapping negate its brilliance,

leave me with a tortured longing

that was larger than my life.

No more.

Today I behold this phenomenal gift,

thunderous of power, yet gentle as a flower,

as mine.

I’ve waited a lifetime

for it to warm and illumine me,

bring me comfort when I’m cold.

Beautiful wonder of life,

this is what I see.

Gwendalyn Gilliam, Incline Village, March 2, 2011

God You Sexy Beast

Thank You that I can love

so hard it curls me over,

the thought of it dying.

Thank You for filling my cells

with Your effervescent, gentle honey.

For the things that delight me,

for those I must accept–

help me celebrate them the most.

For they all live with me

close in Your hand,

each for a purpose.

Like a lover I’m trying to please

You make me come the deepest.

You are by far

the biggest crackup

there ever was.

When I’m the giggling idiot

I will point to You.


Gwendalyn Gilliam, Incline Village, March 1, 2011