Puddle of Contentment

My head is full of happy bees.

You fill me with laughing bubbles

that are rising to a rolling boil of delight.

Every organ sings her part

in my morning symphony.

How is all this possible?

Because I stopped it.

Stopped writing acid burp, smelly fart

self pity letters to God–

“No.  This is not enough.

I’m not ok and it’s your fault”–

the rudest ingratitude.

Today the birds

fly my feet up the mountain.

My heart lifts

as I look to the sky:

an open meadow

for love to pour through,

the sparkling of diamond dew

on new leaves…..

These things melt me,

call me to You,

where I lie,

a puddle of contentment

at your feet.

Gwendalyn Gilliam, Incline Village, March 11, 2011


5 thoughts on “Puddle of Contentment

  1. Dr. Marc says:

    Shout it from the Mountaintops..You are Awesome! I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Dr. Marc says:

    ~May we all surrender in a” puddle of contentment” at each others feet~

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