One Laurel

With this glorious matrix

of all things in love with each other,

everything equaling God

giving Itself a long and tender kiss;

I am entranced.

With all the slaughter, the pain,

misunderstanding, cruelty, poisoning and war,

when the Earth burps and washes us away,

It is still birthing children, growing trees,

sending flowers, food and sunlight

so that everything, eternal and never dying,

can come to a place of loving itself,

of knowing itself as woven into the All.

The delicious sliding of weather past technology

with human emotions stirred in,

the bright wonder of coincidence and miracle,

voices of unseen kindness leading us along,

the melting of this dark age

into the most brilliant of possibilities.

Here we stand on this tormented planet

about to roll it over into a heaven,

each of our light adding to the torch,

fueling the wave that will carry us into magnificence.

All in love, all in harmony,

all of us one laurel of wildflowers

braided together,

exploding with the joy of our connectedness.

Gwendalyn Gilliam, Incline Village, March 16, 2011


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